Hotel Reviews

Here’s where we’ll review hotels we stayed at or drank at.¬† Here’s some more links for Hobart accommodation or Tasmania accommodation reviews.

Nights 1 & 2 – Shipwright Arms Hotel

shippies-room-01We stayed at Shipwrights Arms Hotel (Shippies to the locals) in Battery Point for the 1st 2 nights.

It was a very cheap $80 per night for a double room ($40 each) – double bed, with a single bed on top.

Neat, clean and with shared bathroom was ideal for us and the position, just out of the centre of town, made it ideal.

The service from the Manager was……read more on our review of this cheap Hobart hotel accommodation.

Bicheno By The Bay – Night 3

When we got into Bicheno (Saturday afternoon about 4 pm) we zipped into the local newsagent and the guy there was kind enough to give us a list of options for Bicheno accommodation.

He recommended the Bicheno by the Bay restaurant, so we thought we might as well……read more on on Bicheno accommodation review.

Night 4 – Lords Hotel at Scottsdale

One of our early decisions was to stay in the local pubs as much as possible and when we pulled into Scottsdale at around 6.30 on the Sunday night we pulled up, thankfully, outside the Lords Hotel.

It’s right on the corner of the main street and close to everything.

I went in to enquire about rooms and Vicki, who I dealt with, had us organised in minutes.

At just $30 a night the rooms were……read more on Scottsdale accommodation at Lords Hotel.

Night 5 – Riviera Beachfront Hotel, Beauty Point

What a hidden gem this place is!

It’s like one of those beautiful old hotels on, you guessed it, the French Riviera.

When you come into Beauty Point from Beaconsfield (outside Launceston) there’s a hotel on the right overlooking the water and you think “That would be nice, let’s go there.”

Luckily I was leading the lads and I’m not very smart so on we went – further up the road we saw a big sign pointing to the “Riviera” and……read more on our accommodation in Beauty Point.

Stanley Hotel – Night 6

Stanley is a gorgeous little fishing village in the north west of Tasmania, with it’s main geological feature being a ‘Nut’.

We rode through town (that didn’t take longer than 60 seconds) and came back to the beautifully restored 1840 Stanley hotel.

We got……read more on our Stanley accommodation here.

Night 7 & 8 – Regatta Hotel, Strahansignal-box

I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the site how we tried to give the local small businesses our cash and Strahan was a good example.

The main hotel in the middle of town by the wharf is run by the Federal Group – the guys who own Wrest Point Casino.

Just out of town is the Regatta Hotel, by the old Signal Box building, the local’s pub, by the……read more on Strahan accommodation here.

Nights 9 & 10 – The Quest Waterfront, Hobart

We arrived in Hobart quite late on the Friday night (May 8th) – around 6.30 – and I pulled up at the Telegraph Hotel in the wharf area to see if they had any accommodation.

The helpful bouncer pointed us across the road to The Quest Waterfront, an apartment type building at 3 Brooke St.

There was a young guy at Reception and he was the sort of guy we love in these positions…read more of the review for accommodation in Hobart waterfront.


Top Hotel

I’ve since visited Tassie for another ride and we stayed at the St Marys Hotel which is a terrific hotel with awesome food.

Built in 1910, St Marys Hotel Tasmania is a beautifully authentic historic hotel with the friendly service and care of days gone by. With comfortable rooms, superb value meals made with fresh local ingredients and old fashioned style, the St Marys Hotel has long been a favoured destination for tourists and locals alike.