Day 4 – Orford (East Coast)

I have a couple of ideas here lads.

We head out from Port Arthur and ride up to Orford, a small seaside village 101 kms away.

I have a mate who has retired up here – despite being a sheep shagger man of New Zealand origin, Rod is a lovely bloke……with a yacht.

He’s a mightily experienced sailor and loves the chance for a sail, a drink and a chat.  I once went sailing with him at 0600 and he passed over a coffee. 95% rum, 1 tsp of coffee and a dash of milk.

I still have the fucking hole that gnawed through my stomach lining at 0605.

I’ll see if he’ll be about if you’re keen.

My worry here is that it doesn’t get us far enough up the Coast to ensure we have time to see all we want/best to see.