Day 3 – Port Arthur

Okay lads, today we set sail for the place those dopey bloody English people decided to send their unwanted.

The penal colony of Port Arthur.  It’s a Saturday so there might be a few people about, but I’m sure we can deal with a crowd.

The settlement of Port Arthur – the convict ruins, church, etc and now the scene of Martin Bryant’s crazy doings – have an entrance fee, but it’s well worth it.

We head out of Hobart and cross the Tasman Bridge over the Derwent River.  We head down a highway which quickly becomes dual carriageway.

It’s a bit of a dodgy road with plenty of twists and turns.

Down To Eaglehawk Neck

Might be worth stopping at Dunalley (58 kms) for a bite to eat before heading down to Eaglehawk Neck (20 kms further on) – a fascinating narrow neck of land that was guarded against prison escapes by having hungry dogs on long leashes.  It meant you couldn’t get past this narrow bit of land and had to suffer in the jail.

Because people couldn’t swim in those days (and were terrified of sharks) the water on either side was a big deterrent.

Then head down to Port Arthur (total 96 km from Hobart) and take a look ($28 for a Bronze Pass that gets you in for the day).

There are also a few different tours we can take:

  • Isle of the Dead Tour
  • Historic Ghost Tour

Prices and more info here.

Do Not Cuddle Up To Birdman Or Crazy Mad Doc

The ghost tour will scare the bejesus out of us – under no circumstances are any of us to sleep together.  I expect Birdman and Crazy Mad Doc to seek the comfort of manly arms under the pretense of “Safety and Warmth” following the Ghost Tour.  Do not succumb to the request – we all know it will only end in tears!

Cabin In Caravan Park

The Port Arthur Caravan Park has good cabins.  I stayed in one a couple of years ago with a couple of mates and it was like a house.

The price for the cabin will be about $200 for the night to sleep 6 of us.

The Fox & Hounds is a well established restaurant/accommodation place that might be worth a try for dinner (here’s the menu), but I’m sure there’ll be other restaurants/pubs to have a crack at.

The seafood down here will be great – it’s all caught fresh.