Day 1 – Arrive Hobart

I assume we’ll try and travel together (those of us on the Gold Coast).

Let’s just go and get the bikes early (5 minutes out of the city) and get the feel for them. Depending on what time we get in and get the bikes, the first ride might be to the top of Mount Wellington.

At 1,270 ASL it gives a great view of the city and surrounds and will give us a good feel for the bikes up the mountain road.

Then a bit of a ride around Hobart, up to Cascade Brewery, down to Sandy Bay beach (7 km out of the city) and then into Salamanca Place (on the waterfront with the sandstone buildings).

There are a few cruises on the Derwent that take off from the docks. Shouldn’t imagine we’d have time though on the first day.

Salamanca has an old pub called Knopwoods where we can get a refreshing ale should we require it.

Might be an idea to park the bikes at our accommodation and then head for Knopwoods, which is a short walk back to the accommodation should you take the hint below.

Major Announcement/Rule

I think we need to make something perfectly clear before we head down to Tassie.

All non-Cascade beers taste like dog’s piss.

I propose we outlaw the drinking of any beer other than Cascade on the trip (and no Birdman, a Fluffy Duck isn’t considered a real drink).

Dinner & Accommodation

There’s a great old pub in Battery Point called Shipwright Arms that does a good counter meal.

The accommodation here at Shippies (that’s what us locals call it) looks just fine for $80 for a double (twin bunks).

Can’t beat $40 a night…..well you can, but as I said: No fucking camping!