February 2009

Oooooh, It’s Gonna Be Cold!

by Brendon on February 26, 2009

Evening Gentlemen

One of the considerations in undertaking a motorcycle tour of Tasmania is, as you would be well aware, that the temperature in this southern isle is not what us fine Queensland and NSW men are used to.

Oooooh, It’s Gonna Be Cold!

In early May in Tasmania the temperature averages (minimum and maximum) are 6 and 15.

To provide some background to that, the average temperatures on the Gold Coast in May are 15.4 (minimum) and 23.4 (maximum).
Flyboy, in Sydney it’s 11.3 and 20.9.

Tasmania has less rainfall in May than the Gold Coast and less days that rain (4.6 compared to 8.7).

My scientific conclusion from all this lads is that it’s going to be fucking cold.

Rule Suggestion

I’d like to suggest a rule here.  Not sure if Flyboy will like it but I’ll take the chance:

Rule suggestion:  No matter how very cold it gets, no matter that someone or some people may die as a result of exposure (to the elements), there is to be no ‘body warmth’ hugs/bed sharing between the men.

In view of the cooler conditions, Ian (he’s hiring us the bikes) has sent through a list of all of the gear he has.

As you will see in the attachment, it’s quite comprehensive with a range of sizes.
However, he can’t guarantee everyone will be able to be fitted out in appropriate gear.  We’ve hired his entire fleet so all the gear should be there.

Looking at what he has, we’ll go close to being right.

In terms of wet weather gear, there will only be a 1 in 8 chance of getting rained on and we can simply get out of the rain and wait it out.  He hasn’t got a ton of wet weather gear by the looks, but we should be okay.

Ian does not supply boots.

Where To Direct Questions

Any questions men?  If yes, please ask your wives as she might give a fuck.  I don’t.
Now stop reading your emails and surfing porn on the Internet and get some bloody work done!

Golden Knob