About Us

Poss (Peter) – 50 year old Poss is originally from Hobart and escaped to Queensland just minutes after finishing his Motor Mechanic apprenticeship.  Will be riding a mini bike because he’s just about a midget!


Golden Knob (Brendon) – highly regarded as one of the greatest endurance athletes the world has ever seen.  Is returning to his home state and he’s in charge.  He’s our Leader of the Pack.

Sure to lead us into trouble, but that’s nothing new.

riley-thRiley (Dave) – international jetsetter and pensioner, Dave brings to the ride the ability to fix anything, charm everyone and be gracious at all time.

We hate the fucker.

jb-thBirdman (John) – one of the more mature members, we’re mainly taking Birdman along for pensioner discounts and his ability to spin a yarn.

We’ll be taking extra special care of Birdman because, to be frank, we’re scared his wife will kill us if we don’t.

Crazy Mad Doc (Tim) – we’re thrilled to have Tim along as his great-grandfather was the Doctor on the Endeavour that visited Australia something like 4,000 years ago.

As a highly trained doctor himself, he can provide medical care for any severe injuries but usually doesn’t bother – “Mmmmmm, you should see your doctor about that when you get home.”


Flyboy (Kevin) – did some research on Flyboy and he scares me a little.

“Kevin flew Blackhawk helicopters and became Chief Test Pilot and Flight Lead for all Special Operations with the Australian SAS on Counter-Terrorist Operations. “

I’m not making any jokes about this fucker.  He could kill us all with a knitting needle and 4cm of dental floss.