Day 7 – May 6, 2009

by Brendon on May 12, 2009

We headed out from Beauty Point on Tuesday morning after the very hospitable Marion looked after us at The Riveria Hotel.

A magnificent spot on the water, huge steaks for $14 cooked out on the BBQ, great desserts, cold beer and a log fire.  Life doesn’t get much better than that!

From Beauty Point we headed to Stanley, a small fishing village that features a big ‘Nut’.

No, I’m not talking about Birdman……I’m talking about the geographical feature of Stanley.  It’s actually an old volcanic plug.

We stayed the night at the Stanley Hotel where Don, Adele and the friendly staff looked after us in great style.


The Bistro is amazing and it’s no surprise it has won Best Bistro in Australia for 2007 and 2008 (or something like that).

Take a video look at the food!

Rooms were cheap as chips and Birdman and I were delighted to have our rooms paid for by Poss and Crazy Mad Doc after we thrashed them in numerous games of 8 ball.


Don, who runs the bistro, also runs the 4 WD Edge of the World Tours (Ph Don on 0447 381 705 , he’s a great guy).

After dinner Don came over for a chat.

Mapped Out Our Route

He was a fantastic help in mapping out our route for the next day and suggested a trip to the Edge of the World – the most westerley point of Tasmania with a lazy 22,000 kilometres of ocean in front of you – as well as a trip to Marrawah.

He talked us through the conditions of the roads and our chances of getting through.

Don suggested we then head down to Waratah and decide if we’re going to take the unsealed road from Savage River to Corinna and then onto Zeehan and Strahan, or if we’d take the sealed highway to Roseberry and then Zeehan and Strahan.

We headed out at 7 am to the Edge of the World and Marrawah and it was wild and wooly stuff.  An amazing view and a great ride.


It was a ride back into Smithon for breakfast and a freshen up before tackling the long ride back along the top of Tassie to Somerset and then head south for Waratah.

Off we headed down the Murchison Highway for Waratah.

A Fork In The Road, A Fly In The Ointment

Sometimes in life you come to a fork in the road.

Ours was 7 kms before Waratah.


  • It was 2.20 pm.
  • It was raining.
  • We’d been told the ride from where we were to Corinna (69 kms away) would take 2 1/2 hours.
  • The barge at Corinna that takes you across the river close at 5 pm.
  • That left us 10 minutes leeway.
  • If we didn’t make it we’d be stuck in the dark on unsealed, slushy roads in the wilderness – having to travel back 60+ kms.
  • A nightmare.

The Hard Way…..Or The Highway

It was the hard way……or the highway.

Go right for the challenge of riding wet, slushy, unsealed logging truck roads…..with no guarantee of making the ferry and then being left in the wilderness overnight.

Or go left, and be like certain riders we won’t mention (Birdman, Flyboy and Crazy Mad Doc), who were seen falling asleep at the Zeehan cafe whilst enjoying a Devonshire tea a few hours later, and enjoy sealed wide open roads.

As you, dear reader, might know, some of the riders have courage, tenacity and such enormous egos that they think they can do anything even when it will result in almost certain death.

And that involved turning right.

So right they went.

3 Ego Maniacs

Riley, Poss and Captain Golden Knob are 3 such ego-maniacs who seem to be on this quest to see just how far they can push things before it’s too far.

Don’t worry, these 3 idiots will find it someday and it will humiliate them all and drag them back to being mere mortals.  Or kill them.

Either way it will (probably) stop them.

It was a nice ride (for Riley, Poss and Captain Golden Knob) into Waratah to refuel and head for the tiny mining village of Savage River.

From there it was a tough 25 kms to the ferry at Corinna, hoping it hadn’t closed down for the night.

dave-poss-corrinaDave & Poss enjoying their day

After a few near misses (including a close call with a grader on the road), slides and a fire (Captain Golden Knob caught fire whilst standing by Riley’s bike……okay, okay, his plastic overpants melted against the exhaust pipe).

This resulted in Riley and Poss trying to push him down the mountain screaming “You’re on fire, roll sucker, roll!”

We got to the ferry okay (in 1 hour 45 minutes) and enjoyed the trip over.


Don’t Pay The Ferryman

I did say the the lads a couple of times;

“Don’t pay the ferryman!
Don’t even fix a price!
Don’t pay the ferryman,
Until he gets you to the other side.”

He got us to the other side (for $10 a piece) and off we roared for another 11 kms of unsealed road.

Headed for Zeehan & Then Strahan

As dusk was falling we headed into the old (and rapidly failing) mining town of Zeehan and then onto Strahan.

We (Riley, Poss and Captain Golden Knob), in a surprise to no one, found the other 3 in the bar by the fire, beers in hands.

We settled in for the night at the Regatta Hotel (host was Vicki Appleby) and enjoyed the beers a lot and the meals not so much.

Flyboy made the excellent decision to book us in for 2 nights and had booked us onto the Gordon River Cruise in the morning so we were all set.


Captain Golden Knob