Motorcycling Through Tasmania – Perfect Weather

by Brendon on May 4, 2009

After a relaxing ride into Bicheno, GK went out to chat with the locals to see what they’d been saying about them.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..see the video below.

After that we headed from Bicheno back down to the Freycinet Penniusula and Wineglass By, Coles Bay, etc.

A terrible view that we subjected ourselves too, but we did it in the name of the tour.


From there we headed up the winding roads of St Mary’s and St. Helens and, after a leisurely lunnch at St. Helens we pressed on over 120 kms of dirt track to visit Anson’s Bay up in the Mt William National Park.

It was from there into the small (population of 3,000) town of Scottsdale for a warm room, a quick dinner and bed after just 1 beer.

And by 1, I mean 452.

From Scottsdale we headed to the Wine Trail and, very reluctantly, called into the vineyard of Pipers Brook where we had a meal and a few wines……..over 4 hours.

We Cheat Death By A Few Minutes

Just before we got to Pipers Brook Vineyard we had a bit of luck – if we had of been a couple of minutes earlier we would have been cleaned up by a driver who lost control on a bend, skidded across the road, skidded back, slammed into a bank and then rolled across the road, coming to rest upside down on our side of the road.

When we got there, there was a distraught woman on the side of the road, debri everywhere and what looked like a guy trapped in the car (turns out it was a guy getting something out of the car).

Crazy Mad Doc checked the driver out and then we went on our way – knowing we’d done our bit, in our usual heroic fashion, to protect others!

Here’s Flyboy heading up to the long lunch.


Yes Katherine and Amber, he’s ready for lunch!


From there we headed to Beauty Point – about 5 kms on from the Beaconsfield Mine disaster where we are holed up for the night at The Riveria Waterfront Hotel.

Here’s the view.


And here’s Poss and Tim enjoying some early refreshment.


All is well and aside from a dropped bike or 3, Poss losing $125 to GK in 8 ball last night and liver damage, we’re pretty confident of making it back to Hobart by Friday.


Captain Golden Knob