Let The Games Begin

by Brendon on May 2, 2009

Saturday 2 May, 2009 – 5.30 pm

A tremendous start to the Tassie bike ride with Brendon “Golden Knob” Sinclair being unaminously voted as our fearless leader.

GK’s a natural leader and the envy of the other men.  As they’ve told GK, the most common refrain they hear from their wives is “I wish you (Poss, David, Kevin, Tim and John) were more like Brendon.”

GK has led from the front and taken the lads up for a breathtaking start to the ride with a trip to the top of Mt Wellington.

Riders Braved Cold Conditions

With snow from 1/2 way up, the riders braved the cold conditions to reach the pinnacle and enjoy the spectacular view.




Back down for a leisurely lunch in Salamanca Place, followed by a few quiet beers and then another ride in and around the Hobart suburbs.

After checking in at the fantastic Shippies (Shipwright Arms Hotel) the lads settled in to commence calling loved ones and writing long, flowing letters.

Ha!!  Just kidding.

We went downstairs and enjoyed the flowing golden nectar from Cascade Brewery and were well and truly rolling drunk by 5.30 pm.

We took the short walk back down to the docks and enjoyed steaks and red wine at the legendary Ball & Chain Restaurant.

GK Led By Example

GK, being the leader he is, grabbed a couple of drinking buddies (who shall remain nameless………..Tim and Poss) and proceeded to drink beer until the wee hours.

In a surprise to no-one, the old guys of the Tour – John, David and Kevin – pretty much fell asleep at dinner and were tucked up in bed by 8.30 pm.


Friday was a ride down in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart.  Magical scenery, great food and more.

Dinner was a curry at a Battery Point restaurant where Brendon’s natural wit, charm and style made him a restaurant favourite and had people asking to change tables to be further away from him (so they could get a better view we assume).

Brendon Asks Noisy Diners To Leave

Brendon, always thinking of his troops, had the presence of mind to ask a racous group of young lady dinners to quiten down.

“Hello, my name is Brendon Sinclair and I’m the manager here.  Look, we’ve had a few complaints from a table that you’re being very noisy and we’re going to have to ask you to quieten down or leave.”

One woman dared to laugh at this, so Brendon followed with:

“It may be funny to you young lady, but rest assured it’s not amusing to our other guests!”

With that Brendon (GK) moved off, collected $10 from Tim Shannon for the completed job and continued to regale the team of his heroic deeds over the past few years.

Arrived In Bicheno

Saturday morning began with a gentle ride to Richmond, where we had a coffee by the old pub.  Then we headed for the East Coast and have just arrived in Bicheno on the water.

The views have been amazing, the food superb, Brendon’s company a joy.

Staying at Bicheno by the Bay – tonight we’ll be eating seafood washed down with white wine.

The bikes are brilliant – mostly top of the line BMWs and the lads are riding around to the jealous stares of loser men going off to work to keep their fat, ugly wives in pies and hair removal products for their upper lip.

Manly Men With Their Gorgeous Wives

Not us manly men with big motorbikes, the wind in our hair (!) and gorgoeus wives sitting at home awaiting, with eager anticipation, for their leather clad warriors (see image below) to reappear and be very,very warmly welcomed.4a

Over and out.

Fearless Leader