Hold Those Positions Men

by Brendon on April 29, 2009

Evening Men

The time draws ever closer.

Hold those positions.  No sudden movements.
Move out into position at approximately 0500 HRS.

Make appropriate noises to wives:

* “Gee, I don’t really want to go with these guys.  I think I’d prefer to stay home with you darling.”
* “I’m really going to miss you darling (cry if able)…….I’m only going so I can see the scenery of Tasmania.”
* “I’d pull out of this trip but I’ve booked and paid and you’ll get my frequent flier points for your next trip.”
* “I’ll ring you and the kids every night.  Probably 3 times a day.” (This is a beauty, because you can later blame crappy phone reception in Tasmania when you don’t call at all.)

The Queensland platoon is to meet at approximately 0525 HRS at Coolangatta Airport.
Flyboy will be flying a Blackhawk down to Tasmania.

Latest updates


Fucking cold.
Really, really fucking cold.
We’re aiming to ride up the mountain tomorrow, but this may not be possible because of, you guessed it, fucking snow!

Lift from Airport

Our lift says he will probably be too busy to give us a lift tomorrow.  Prick!

Word is he’s a little over-awed having 6 bikies in his car and has bailed.
The cab fare will be approximately $30 from the airport to the bikes, so you’re up for about $10 cab fare each if he doesn’t show.

(Note: the cab fare in a maxi taxi from the Airport to pick up the bikes was $55.  A cab from the airport to the middle of Hobart is $45.)

Good luck, keep safe and for God’s sake, look sad for 10 seconds when you say goodbye to your wife.

I look forward to leading you men on this mission of bikes, booze, Yak fat initiations and much, much more.


Captain Golden Knob