Operation Wife Escape – Prepare For Evacuation

by Brendon on April 26, 2009

Morning men

As you are well aware, Operation Wife Escape commences on Thursday 30 April at 0610 HRS from Coolangatta Airport.

Those of us flying Jetstar, please be aware they’re a pedantic bunch of fuckers who insist on you checking in at least 30 minutes prior to departure.
“…..you must check-in for Domestic flights at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.”

If you are 1 second late you’re fucked and your ticket to freedom………errrrrr, Tasmania will be taken from you.

I have spoken with Ian at Moto Adventure and he is expecting us anytime between 1115 HRS and 1215 HRS.

He was going to be away and have a mate handover the bikes but I think Flyboy’s reputation has proceeded him and Ian wants to meet that crazy Yak-fat toting son of a bitch.

Most of us have some gear and Ian has plenty.  I reckon we’re going to be spot on.

270 Km Ride Almost Killed Older Lads

Also, Poss and Flyboy: Please be aware that the rest of us did a long (270 km) ride on Friday.
By the end of that ride we were all walking around like a bunch of crippled old men.

It was discussed that our rides in Hobart might be best to be of shorter duration to ensure the older members of the group:

  • Birdman,
  • Riley,
  • Poss,
  • Crazy Mad Doc and
  • Flyboy

can cope with the physical demands.

I’ll be just fine thanks because I’m the youngest by far.

Not long now men. Check those weapons and keep the safety on for just a bit longer.
At ease!


Captain Golden Knob